Car Seat Emergency ID Stickers Now Available

PSX_20190723_204653The Kiwanis Club of Monroe is excited to now be offering free car seat emergency ID stickers to the families in our community.

These stickers are designed to fit on the back of a child’s car seat and provide potentially life-saving emergency contact and medical information in case the adult caregiver is unable to provide that information to emergency responders.

One of our members was inspired by a similar Kiwanis project during a visit to a Kiwanis Club in Ohio and wanted to bring it to our community.  Our stickers are also designed in both English and Spanish to be accessible to more people in our community.

The stickers will be available at all community events that Kiwanis is a part of and at our member’s offices. If you are part of an organization that works with families who use car seats we would love to provide them for you. You can use the Contact Us feature on our website to request the emergency ID stickers for your members.